March 11, 2021 – A Good Day

Have you ever had one of those days when everything fell into place effortlessly? I’m experiencing one of those days. Aside from insomnia, I cannot find fault in a single thing that happened today. It’s about as close to perfect as I’ll ever get. The day started out beautiful and sunny. I woke up much earlier than I ordinarily would but I didn’t mind, it gave me a chance to take care of a few things before I headed out the door. My brother Clover had already asked if I wanted to stay in his trailer during my visit but I wanted to have a hotel lined up as a Plan B. Having that extra time this morning gave me a chance to do the necessary research and get a ‘lay of the land’, which was very helpful. I was also able to dispense all of my pills for next week. I already had my bags packed and my food items prepared (the day prior) so all that was required before I ‘hit the road’ was taking a shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing my teeth, and loading up the car.

The night before, I had scheduled a grocery pickup at Fred Meyer. That was the first place I headed. There were some items I wanted to grab before I started my journey and everything went smooth as silk. In fact, the guy that brought the items out to my car ‘hooked me up’ by applying a discount to my purchase, even though I was $1.20 short of meeting the minimum required amount. He didn’t have to, but he did it anyway. Exceptional customer service is a rare thing to encounter nowadays. When it happens, it completely transforms my experience (and my day). I also managed to fill up my tank with gas (at the same location) so it wouldn’t be necessary to stop along the way. The drive? It was wonderfully uneventful. The only inclement weather I encountered was about 30 seconds of snow that melted the moment it made contact with my windshield. I did have a rock hit my windshield, but I didn’t care. I need to replace it anyway, so no biggie.

Another unexpected surprise? The traffic was nearly nonexistent. For a long time, I drove without encountering any other vehicles. It was almost surreal. There were no accidents, no stalls, and no road construction. There wasn’t even a single, solitary roadkill that I had to veer around. When I reached my initial destination (a relative’s apartment), there was a generous parking space for me to pull into that was just across the street (that never happens!). The visit with my relative was lovely. She hasn’t been feeling well so I brought her some soup (to heal her body) and flowers (to heal her heart). She was very touched by the gesture. Afterward, we ran some errands, made a quick pit stop to see my brother Turtle (that lives on a sailboat), ordered some takeout, and brought it back to her place; whereupon, I ate until I nearly burst! I would have spent more time with my brother Turtle but the temp was around 40 degrees (with the windchill) and I just couldn’t hack it.

After dinner, prior to leaving, I checked in with my brother Clover to make sure that the offer (to stay in his trailer) was still good. I didn’t want to assume. “Of course!” he responded. I actually was glad. I was notified this afternoon (via email) that my unemployment is officially ending on Saturday, so it’s a relief not to have to pay for a room (although Priceline did have a heck of a deal, 2 nights at a 3-star hotel for a total of $138). When I arrived at his home, my niece was there (along with my brother and sister-in-law). It was nice to see her again. It’s been several months since we last got together. Between then and now, everyone has either left or gone to bed. I’m staying inside until I finish this post and then I’m going to head out to the trailer (to try and catch up on some rest). Did I bring Melatonin this time? Heck, yes! There was no way I was leaving it behind. This ol’ girl’s got to get some rest tonight or I’ll be a zombie tomorrow.

Tomorrow and the next day are going to be ‘all about mom’. My mom’s been asking me for months when I planned to come out. She doesn’t know I’m in town so it’ll be fun to call her in the morning and let her know I’m on my way to pick her up. I hope the weather’s nice so we can take a walk along the beach or do something outdoors. Aside from that, there’s just not much to ‘report’. No, for once, there’s been no ‘drama’. It’s been a regular, ordinary, exceptionally unexceptional day and I’ll take it! Most days, something goes haywire so experiencing a ‘boring’ day has been quite refreshing. There have been no rocks in my shoes (I swear, this is a regular thing). I didn’t happen upon a deceased animal buried in my yard. Nobody rode my bumper or flipped me off. There were no back-and-forth emails about outstanding balances with the billing department. There wasn’t a single encounter with my grumpy neighbor.

As a reader, you’re probably thinking, “Big Whoop!” If you are, I don’t blame you. No news is good news but it’s also not very ‘newsworthy’. I am a little bit concerned because I don’t know whether I’m experiencing ‘the calm before the storm’ or if the Universe decided to cut me a break for once. Either way, I’m going to squeeze every last drop of goodness out of this day. These types of days are a rarity, just like exceptional customer service. I know what you’re thinking, I just caught you mid-yawn. My post has been rather lackluster and I’m sorry about that but it’s all I’ve got. I try to provide you with quality content but I’m not always successful. Some days are ‘hits’ and some are ‘misses’. More than likely, today’s post will fall under the ‘misses’ category. As I said, apart from insomnia, I have no complaints. My husband got his Covid-19 vaccination, the washer part is ‘in transit’ and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, the pass was clear, and my car drove like a champ.

I don’t know, I think I could get used to this; however, it doesn’t make for very good blog material. It’s hard to say much about exceptionally unexceptional days. I suppose I could have talked about my unemployment ending because I don’t have a Plan B in place like I did for my accommodations; however, what can I do about it? It’s out of my control, and it was a fun ride while it lasted. I’ve been able to sit on my fanny for a year and get paid by simply going to a website once a week, selecting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in response to a dozen-or-so questions, and click ‘submit’. For that, I’ve had money deposited directly into my checking account by the U.S. government (once a week) for an entire year. The money has kept us afloat for the past year, and not working has afforded me the freedom to do so much with my life that I didn’t have the opportunity to do before. It really has been a tremendous gift.

Where to now? I don’t have a clue. I’m going to continue to write but I’m beginning to think writing every single day for an entire year may have been a bit of a reach. I meant well but I didn’t think it through. Balance is important in life and right now, the blog is consuming most of my time and energy and leaving little of either for anything else. That isn’t good. I am nearing my 6-month milestone and am going to reassess my decision at that time. I want to do ‘more’ and I feel a bit boxed in because of my initial (well-intentioned but possibly unrealistic) one year goal to write daily. However, as with most things, goals can change. I just need a little time to process what I need to move ‘forward’ because whatever I decide to do, I want to ‘see it through’. Anyway, I’m going to call it a night. My brain is fried and my body craves rest. Thanks so much for stopping by! And thank you to all the folks that ‘follow’ my blog!! If all goes well and I haven’t run you off, I trust you will return tomorrow as will I.


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