June 20, 2021 – Motivating Factors

If you ask anyone what motivates them, the top two responses would most likely be love or money. Personally, I am chasing the almighty dollar at the moment. I cannot remember the last time I worked so hard in my life! But in the end, if we get the results we’re hoping for (a substantial offer on our home), it’ll all be worth it. At this very moment, I’m taking a break from applying primer to my interior doors. They actually look pretty terrible. We were going to spray them instead of rolling them because the results are much better, but I am trying to knock things out as quickly as possible and not waste one precious moment. And rolling the primer on the doors is possible during the wee hours of the morning (when I’m up and about) because it doesn’t disturb my husband (like running a paint sprayer would). My hope is that if I at least get the primer applied with a roller, when I spray them with the final coat of paint, maybe the finish will even out. Fingers crossed.

Right now, they look far from professional which really bothers me. Maybe once I’ve applied a few coats, they’ll start to come around. All of the other projects we’ve been working on have turned out remarkably well, and I’m not willing to accept mediocre when it comes to my work so ‘terrible’ just won’t do! And I have to tell you, apart from the condition of the doors at the moment, our house has never looked so good! My husband finally installed a light in our walk-in closet so we were able to remove the wonky floor lamp we’d been using to illuminate the space. I painted the pony wall as well as the trim around the bathroom door and the walk-in closet door in our master bedroom. With the recently applied ‘high gloss sealer’, the slate floors in the entryway look remarkable! They’ve never shined so bright. All of the hardware has been installed on the laundry room cabinet drawers and they now open with the greatest of ease. It sure beats having to grab them by the edges in order to open them!

It’s so nice to get around to putting all of the ‘finishing touches’ on our home, just in time to sell it (so someone else can enjoy the fruits of our labor). And I don’t mind at all as long as we can get what we need out of the sale of the house in order to live mortgage-free elsewhere. So, yes, that’s what’s motivating me at the moment…a big ‘payday’. But I have to wonder what motivates others in my family. I have heard from my sister Cactus Annie in recent days and I simply cannot figure her out. I honestly believe she’s officially lost her marbles. About three nights ago, she sent about 7 consecutive videos of herself (in the hospital) talking absolute nonsense. I was sure she’d had a psychotic break! And if she did, I wouldn’t blame her one bit! During my most recent stay at a hospital, after my kidney transplant, I was climbing the walls after 4 days. She’s been in the hospital since May 25. I would have been pulling a “Here’s Johnny!” if I’d been trapped in a room without visitors for as long as she has.

The thing is, when I called to check on her because I was concerned about her mental state, she said, “I’m doing fine. I’m in complete peace.” Huh? If what she shared on those videos was her in ‘complete peace’, I fear for what any other state of mind might look like. To sum it all up as best I can, she talked about everything from her most recent excuse (Covid) as to why she couldn’t take the state real estate exam (she’s been trying to get her license for FOURTEEN YEARS), and how she was unhappy because the nursing staff at the hospital wouldn’t allow her to take Hydroxychloroquine (like Trump) because if she had, she would have been able to get discharged from the hospital within 5 days. She also brought up our mother and father and her childhood and how wonderful and loving our father was and alternatively, how awful our mother was, even referring to her as a ‘monster’ at one point. A monster? Please! John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Richard Ramirez were monsters. My mother? Ummm, maybe she wasn’t exactly Mrs. Cuddles, but a monster? What the heck?!

And that’s not all, my friends! In a separate conversation we had, she shared all kinds of interesting viewpoints on life, but one in particular stood out. Let me explain and then you’ll understand why. According to her, she’s lost a total of 150 pounds in water weight since she’s been in the hospital. It wasn’t ‘fat’, she was ‘waterlogged’. “Did they weigh you?” I asked, doubtful of the validity of the claim. “No,” she answered, “I just know. I’m now the same size I was when I met my husband.” Sorry, I’m calling BS on that one! What I find interesting is that when she makes/takes videos of herself, she only includes shots of her face (from the nose up) and never shows her body. In addition to this ‘miraculous’ weight loss that allegedly has occurred, she had many other ‘tall tales’ to share. Whenever I speak or communicate with my sister, I’m always left asking, “Why?” Why does she always ’embellish’ everything and/or outright lie and what is her motivation for doing so?

I say this not solely based on her 150 pound weight loss claim (which has not been verified by a scale), I base it on countless things she’s said and done over the years. If you were to ask her about her health history, for example, she would swear on the bible that she’s had nearly every ailment known to man. In fact, before she actually had Covid and was hospitalized for it, she told everyone she’d already had it (she didn’t). The last time we talked (about two days ago), she came up with some real ‘doozies’. Because she’s ‘allergic to Arizona’, she and her husband are going to move to Hawaii. He’s going to be an Uber driver and make $8,000 per month and they’re going to make an additional $5,000 monthly by using their current townhome as a vacation rental (through Air BnB). Hey, look, I would love it if they were able to succeed with these ‘plans’ but I know my sister and there’s a lot of history there, and it includes a lot of excuses. If she actually does move to Hawaii, I will eat my words. However, I seriously doubt it will happen.

Why? For one, she’s been telling me for fourteen years that she’s going to get her real estate license. It has yet to happen. She was also supposed to ‘get a job’. Nope, that hasn’t happened either. Her recent weight loss? When I see it, I’ll believe it. I’ve just heard too many ‘stories’ that she can never back up. With her, it’s always been ‘all talk, no action’. Which, when I think about, that pretty much sums up my brother ‘Turtle’, too. For the past seven years, he’s been telling me that he’s going to come over for a visit ‘soon’. I live 2 1/2 to 3 hours away, it’s definitely doable. Nope! He has yet to make the effort. It’s probably for the best though. He drives my husband (and me) nuts because he talks so much and my husband has been very clear that he would prefer my brother not ‘stop by’. Actually, he said that very thing about Cactus Annie (a name I might have to change if she proves me wrong), “I know it sounds mean, but I never want to see her again.” He really doesn’t. He has no love for her, especially after our last visit.

During our last visit, about a week and a half after I had my kidney transplant, she kept trying to take my picture and when I made it quite clear that I didn’t want it taken, (without asking) she jammed it in my husband’s face and started snapping away. He was none too pleased because he hates having his picture taken. He was sitting to my right and his anger was palpable. I do have to say, that’s the one thing you can count on, she’s always trying to ‘capture’ people. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sound bite of their voice, a screen shot of their text, a photo, or a video, she’s always got her phone in hand and using it for one purpose or another (with our without permission). I wonder, is it all for ‘attention’? Is that my sister’s ‘motivating factor’? My brother Clover seems to think so. The other day, he said to me in disgust, “She’s milking this Covid thing for all it’s worth. It’s just like when she was a kid…anything to get attention.” And maybe he’s right.

If her ‘motivating factor’ is attention, it makes total sense. She does have a tendency to call attention to herself wherever she goes and it doesn’t matter whether the attention is good or bad. Whether it’s making cat sounds (like two cats fighting) in a public restroom or loudly singing ‘Crazy on You’ by Heart while walking towards the other people in her dinner party at a fancy restaurant, she never disappoints. I guess if nobody gets hurt, it isn’t such a terrible thing. I just don’t understand it because I’m the opposite. If I had to choose between standing on a table or hiding under it, I’d prefer to hide under it. My sister? She’d be standing on the damn thing and singing her lungs out. Oh my gosh! Holy crap! Sorry, I’ve got to go! I just looked at the time and it’s after 3 am (once again). I’ve got to get my keister to bed because I’ve got another full day of painting scheduled and I need some rest or I’m going to be in a world of hurt.

Happy Father’s Day, Everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!!


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