July 31, 2021 – Photo

While out on an excursion, I captured the image of this solitary sailboat out on the water. It was a picture perfect day, serene and peaceful. Things weren’t so serene or peaceful on the boat I was on as I ‘fed the fish’ after consuming a rather large lunch and becoming seasick. As much as I enjoy looking at boats, I’d prefer to stand on steady ground and appreciate them from afar. All of that bobbing up and down doesn’t set well with me.


5 thoughts on “July 31, 2021 – Photo

    1. Awwww…thank you. To me, it’s the image of tranquility. Just wish the seasick part hadn’t happened. Kind of put a damper on things! It’s a bummer you get it, too. I imagine you don’t do a lot of cruises during your travels!

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      1. No, never done a cruise … though, I’ve been on a yacht on the Red Sea for 5 days just before Covid happened last year (my husband is a keen scuba diver) and everyone promised me the Red Sea would be like a mirror … wasn’t the case 🤢.

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    1. Thank you Ms. Janet! I am feeling better but still trying to work through lots of family stuff…on top of the move. At least things are headed in a positive direction, which is reassuring. xoxo

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