August 29, 2021 – Whirlwind

Today started off with a bang, albeit from a slightly different perspective. I’m accustomed to waking up several feet off the floor. However, with the belief that a buyer would be enticed by the recent markdown of our master bedroom set, in preparation, my husband disassembled our bed. It was quite a strange sensation waking up eye level with the dog because even though I still slept upon a mattress, rather than climbing up onto it as I was accustomed to, I lowered myself instead (to within a foot off the floor). The ‘bang’ part happened after my husband woke up and retreated to the kitchen (for his daily caffeine ‘fix’). While he was adding honey and creamer to his morning ‘cup of Joe’, my phone started ringing and beeping and dinging (essentially ‘blowing up’). After picking it up to check and see what all the ‘fuss’ was about, he hightailed it up the stairs to our bedroom, and placed it solidly in my right hand. “It’s blowing up!” he informed me. I was still half asleep at that point, and couldn’t tell whether he had handed me a phone or a grenade. Once my eyes adjusted, I was relieved to know it was only my phone.

As it turns out, the recent price reductions on many of the items I had posted on Craigslist caught more than one person’s attention. There was a lady (who had called and texted) who was interested in the master bedroom set, a couple interested in the Airdyne exercise bike, and a family interested in the livingroom set. The master bedroom set, although disassembled, was still located in the bedroom (on the 2nd floor) and we still hadn’t worked out a way to get it to the first floor, but since the lady interested in it worked until 5:00 in the evening and couldn’t view it until afterward (per her message), I temporarily put dealing with it on the back burner. And apart from reaching out to the couple interested in the Airdyne, and agreeing to show it to them at 11:00 in the morning, I did the same. Knowing there was a good chance that our upholstered livingroom set would sell, that took first priority. I needed it gone and didn’t want anything to jeopardize the sale, namely dog hair, so I immediately grabbed the vacuum and got busy! It had to be dealt with before the potential buyers arrived.

The week prior, I had worked myself into a lather cleaning the rocker recliner (wasting no time covering it with a huge sheet once it was pristine and ‘hair free’), but had yet to clean the loveseat and 3-seat/cushion sofa. After consuming a hearty breakfast and changing into my ‘chore clothes’, I got to work. I don’t know what it is about dogs and vacuum cleaners, but vacuum cleaners bring out the ‘neurotic’ in my dog. She had been peacefully sleeping in her bed, but the minute I retrieved a vacuum from the laundry room, she felt it necessary to get right up in my business. She started nervously pacing back and forth, and repeatedly brushing up against the furniture I was attempting to clean. Needless to say, I became ‘slightly’ annoyed. I had folks showing up in under an hour and it seemed like each time I’d get an area clean, she’d brush up against it and reapply a layer of fresh hair. After I ‘barked’ at her enough times, my husband finally came and got her and brought her into another room. Without any further interference, I was able to successfully (and much more efficiently) clean both items and move to the next matter at hand.

The next matter involved moving the master bedroom set. It was still on the second floor and we wanted to move it into the garage (downstairs). The reasoning was two-fold, 1) if we moved it, it would be easier for whoever bought it to transport it, and 2) we wanted everything out of our bedroom so we could get the carpet professionally cleaned. I have to tell you, I didn’t realize how filthy the carpet was until all of the furniture was gone. In the spot in front of the window where my dog enjoys observing the ‘comings and goings’ of passersby (walkers, cyclists, runners, and other animals of the ‘canine persuasion’), the carpet was nearly black. Additionally, there were pathways which led to the dog bed, as well as to either side of our bed. There was also a path that led to the bathroom (where she goes to ‘whet her whistle’). It was gross. Honestly, if we install carpet again in another home, I might seriously consider a ‘no shoe’ policy. Of course, the dog is the worst offender and she doesn’t wear shoes as it is, so it probably wouldn’t make a lick of difference.

As much as I’ve thought about putting shoes on her (because it would be hilarious), I’m not going to waste my time or money because when I tried to put a simple jacket on her to keep her warm in the winter, she bucked like a bronco and wanted no part of it. Anyway, back to the bedroom furniture. Fortunately, regarding my plans to move it, I had mentioned them briefly to my former boss when I spoke with him yesterday (while dropping off more donations). He had offered to help but I felt it too much to ask because the furniture pieces were solid wood and extremely heavy and, more importantly, he’s well into celebrating his ‘golden years’. I wasn’t counting on him helping, to be sure, but right after the family (with two wild boys) came over to view the livingroom set, he sent me a text to let me know he was on his way. I was both surprised and relieved at the same time because I knew if he didn’t help, my husband was going to try and wrestle the furniture down the stairs by himself and later I would likely find him at the foot of the stairs, his life tragically extinguished after becoming pinned beneath a 250 pound dresser.

I’d really prefer not to find him that way as I need him to stick around and help with this move. That’s not the only reason, of course; I actually kind of like him. He’s a pretty good guy, just like my former boss. My former boss is an incredibly generous and thoughtful person and has always ‘had my back’. I’m forever grateful to him for showing up today for a ‘thankless job’. Because of him, the master bedroom set is all neatly stored in the garage and I still have a living, breathing husband. Oh my gosh! It’s late! How have I only partially covered the topic of the livingroom set and the bedroom set thus far?! To sum up the livingroom furniture, a lady with her two young, highly energetic boys showed up shortly after eleven. The boys wasted no time ‘testing’ out the furniture by removing the protective covers, taking turns flopping onto each reclining seat, and yanking on the recliner pulls/handles. It caused me a great deal of alarm until the mom piped up that she loved the set and made an offer. If she hadn’t made an offer, I would not have been a happy camper, especially after witnessing one of her sons sprawled out across my 3-cushion sofa (head on one end, dirty Crocs on the other).

But that’s not all that’s happened today! The only ‘foul’ that occurred was when the Airdyne couple flaked out after they learned I was not the ‘original’ owner of the exercise bike. I don’t get it, but ‘whatever’. All of the other interactions/transactions I had today were ‘home runs’! The upholstered livingroom set sold. It took several hours before the mom returned (sans children) with her husband and picked it up, but I didn’t mind. It was one less thing I had to worry about. I also received an inquiry about a couple of end tables I had posted and they were out the door in under an hour. Shortly after that, the lady interested in the master bedroom set came over and after careful observation of the pieces, decided she wanted the whole kitten caboodle! She offered to pay 80% of what I had it listed at, and it was a little less than what I wanted, but I didn’t think it was worth quibbling over since she’s the only person who has expressed interest in the set since I advertised it (and I desperately need it gone). She didn’t have a vehicle for proper transport or anyone to help her, but has arranged for two men and a truck to remove it on Monday. Woo-hoo!

And if all that weren’t enough, I haven’t even mentioned the biggest ‘home run’ of the day, and it was totally random. Rather than leave you in suspense, I’ll get right to the point; we’re buying an enclosed cargo trailer. I didn’t set out this morning to buy one; however, after considering how much it costs to rent one vs. buying one outright, it made more sense to buy one. I mentioned to my husband that the neighbor couple around the corner has had one sitting in their driveway (with a flat tire) for several years so I suggested we knock on their door and ask if they’re interested in selling it, and they were! It’s full of a bunch of junk that needs to get emptied out, as well as an engine (which we volunteered to remove with a rented pallet jack). It also needs new tires and a good cleaning, but once it’s all said and done, it will serve us well. Even if we only use it to help us with the move, I have no doubt that we’ll be able to resell it and make all or most of our money back. It seems so much wiser than renting. With a rental, we’d have to rush to load it, tow it behind our truck (across several states), unload it (upon our arrival) and have it back to the rental office within 5 days.

A great deal more happened today (seriously, it’s been a whirlwind) but those were the ‘highlights’. I’d love to continue but I’m physically and mentally wiped out and would like to enjoy a few more hours on my real mattress before it disappears and is replaced with an air mattress. Oh joy, cannot wait! Alright, I’m signing off. I have to kick it into high gear tomorrow because we’ll be down to 5 days to pack and have the crates ready to go. Ack!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “August 29, 2021 – Whirlwind

  1. Phew, you are moving! Well, not moving yet, but moving your furniture to new owners!
    I’m glad it was such a great day – it seems things are getting all together a week before the BIG move … good luck for tomorrow (and the rest of the week), before you know it, your safe and sound in your new place!

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    1. Yes! The last piece went out the door today. And the rest I’m dropping off at the thrift store. Once all of that stuff is gone, the house is REALLY going to look empty! Thanks for sending luck my way, I’m going to need it to get through this last ‘push’.

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