August 11, 2021 – Ups and Downs

It’s been a difficult day today, I’ve really struggled emotionally. A fair amount of bad news came my way yesterday and it didn’t seem to really sink in until today. After everything my brother and I (and our respective families) went through to ensure my mom was placed in the best possible home, it didn’tContinue reading “August 11, 2021 – Ups and Downs”

August 10, 2021 – Photo

I call this photo ‘As the Crow Flies’. When I was attempting to take photos of the sunset, I heard a crow cawing loudly. When I took a look around, I noticed one approaching from the west, its wings outstretched in flight. I only managed to capture three images, and of those three, this wasContinue reading “August 10, 2021 – Photo”

August 9, 2021 – Kidney Surgery (Bad Patient Syndrome)

My friends, I started writing this post months ago and because I am completely exhausted (for reasons I’ll explain another day) and need to get some rest, I’m going to try and stitch it together and present it to you in the most cohesive way possible (rather than starting from scratch, which is what IContinue reading “August 9, 2021 – Kidney Surgery (Bad Patient Syndrome)”

August 7, 2021 – Unexpected Blessings (Part Two)

Welcome back! Before I begin, I have to tell you that this has been a rough week for so many people I know. I’m not sure what’s going on but it feels like there’s been some weird cosmic shift in the universe. Apparently, we’re not the only ones trying to look for a suitable homeContinue reading “August 7, 2021 – Unexpected Blessings (Part Two)”

August 6, 2021 – Photo

Have you ever heard of the term ‘Waking up on the wrong side of the bed’? That was me this morning. After I finished my post (last night/this morning), I crawled into bed. I believe it was around 2:30am. Shortly after 6am, I was awakened with a start to the sound of dueling chainsaws. WithinContinue reading “August 6, 2021 – Photo”

August 5, 2021 – Unexpected Blessings (Part One)

I have to tell you, this past week has been a blur! Fortunately, it started off and ended on a ‘high note’ as the week began with an offer on my/our home and ended with successfully finding a home to move my mom into. I feel like I’ve been on a wild amusement park rideContinue reading “August 5, 2021 – Unexpected Blessings (Part One)”

August 3, 2021 – Putting out fires.

My phone ‘beeped’ the other day, indicating someone was trying to reach me. When I checked to see who it was, I noticed it was my brother (Clover). “Give me a call when you can,” his message read. I immediately phoned him. The gist of the conversation was that the situation with my mother hadContinue reading “August 3, 2021 – Putting out fires.”

August 2, 2021 – Original Artwork

I was going to post a nature photo today but I couldn’t find anything that really ‘spoke’ to me, so I decided to share one of my paintings. Years ago, during photography class, my instructor asked me to take close-ups of different objects. As it happened, I had a calculator handy. I really liked howContinue reading “August 2, 2021 – Original Artwork”