September 25, 2021 – Photo

I think I’m cursed when it comes to cell phone cameras! I don’t understand, but half the time I use the camera option on my cell phone, when I get a good look at the photo, it’s all distorted and resembles a painting. Since that’s what I used tonight to get ‘the shot’, I guess it’ll have to do. I happened upon this squirrel when I stepped out into my father-in-law’s backyard. He’d been dining on hickory nuts (the squirrel, not my father-in-law) and started to ‘squawk’ at me out of annoyance when I began to inch closer in order to get a decent shot. The title of this photo is ‘Give me some space’.


6 thoughts on “September 25, 2021 – Photo

  1. Recently I too took some pictures and videos of a squirrel. He too was holding his food and climbing on to a tree. He did like me getting close to him at all. May be he was afraid that I will take his food or something like that. I think wildlife can be captured best with cameras with a lot of zoom capacity so that we don’t have to get close to them.


    1. I agree with using a zoom lens…much better quality photos and much less threatening to our furry friends. Unfortunately, since we’re in the middle of a move, I have temporarily misplaced it. Not sure whether it’s in storage or in our trailer or where it may possibly be, but looking forward to finding it someday because the quality of the photos far outdoes the phone camera. 🙂

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      1. Yeah! Finding things after moving is the toughest!!. I hope you find it soon and take a lot of awesome pictures 🙂 Also have fun with the phone camera. Phone camera is always handy and fun to use 🙂


      2. Thank you, Ganga! The phone camera sure does come in handy when I’ve left my bulky, ‘fancy’ camera at home. Maybe next time I purchase a phone, I’ll try to find one with a better quality camera. At least the one I have now is better than the one I had before. All of my pictures were either blurry or grainy. So frustrating!!

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