September 8, 2021 – Homeward Bound

Today’s the day we’re supposed to officially be ‘on the road again’ but it’s not going to happen. My husband found more issues with the trailer we purchased, so we ordered parts through Amazon but Amazon wasn’t able to get them to us in time to meet what we originally had planned for our ‘exitContinue reading “September 8, 2021 – Homeward Bound”


September 7, 2021 – Photo

I came across this photo after looking at well over two hundred. It was ‘buried’ among other farm-themed photos, including those of a rooster out in front of a barn, groups of people riding horseback, and an old cowbell. Horses both thrill and frighten me and I used to love to ride them; however, theContinue reading “September 7, 2021 – Photo”

September 6, 2021 – A much needed break.

After feeling dumb, discouraged, and depleted after spending several hours ‘repairing’ the walls throughout my house (and doing anything but), I really needed a good day. Fortunately, I got it. My husband and I were invited to a BBQ by my brother Clover, so once we’d had a ‘good’ night’s rest (followed by a satisfyingContinue reading “September 6, 2021 – A much needed break.”

September 4 , 2021 – Rounding the Curve

My friends, today is one of those days that I wish I hadn’t made a promise to write or post 365 days straight. I am so damn tired and all I want to do is go to sleep, but I cannot because I have to fulfill the promise I made or I’m going to feelContinue reading “September 4 , 2021 – Rounding the Curve”

September 3, 2021 – Original Artwork

Since I had another ‘full’ day today which consisted of packing up the last of our household goods, I didn’t have the time or energy to put my Nikon to work. For this reason, I’m going to feature (a copy of) one of my original drawings. I actually gave the original (as a gift) toContinue reading “September 3, 2021 – Original Artwork”

September 2, 2021 – How time flies!

I just have one question, how is it September already??!! It was during September of last year that I began this blogging ‘adventure’ and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone (as well as how much has happened)! Around this time last year, I was experiencing some pretty significant emotional lows and feelingContinue reading “September 2, 2021 – How time flies!”

September 1, 2021 – Image

Since I don’t have any fresh photos to share today, I thought I’d share an ‘image’ instead. A common thing I like to do is contact companies (or people) when I notice blatant spelling errors in their ads or on their websites. I took a ‘screen shot’ of this image after I signed into myContinue reading “September 1, 2021 – Image”