August 20, 2021 – Photo

While out and about (walking my dog) today, I noticed these beautiful flowers (with the mountainside in the background) and couldn’t help but snap a few photos. I rarely bring anything along when I walk my dog, aside from a hanky and a roll of poop bags, but I actually brought my phone today (just in case someone from U-Haul called to provide the time when the U-Boxes are to be dropped off). The phone never did ring; however, it sure came in handy as I was able to use the camera option to capture some of the lovely images I spotted along the way.


August 19, 2021 – The Great Unknown

The last couple of days have been tough, my friends. I feel a great deal of apprehension about this upcoming move. There are so many unknowns spiraling around in my head, that I keep getting overwhelmed and feel like shutting down (i.e.; taking a nap and forgetting about my troubles). The immediate unknown I’m facing is whether I’m going to be able to get rid of all of the massive furniture pieces which, despite being advertised at bargain-basement prices, are still taking up a considerable amount of space in my home. The clock is ticking and there’s been little interest in my furniture items (2 different couch sets and a complete bedroom suite). If they don’t sell and I cannot give them away, there is only one other option (the landfill). I refuse to toss perfectly good furniture into the mouth of that gluttonous beast! Needless to say, I’m pulling out all of the stops to try and find someone, anyone, willing to take all of this furniture off my hands. Every few days, I drop the prices just a little bit more (hoping to get some sort of compensation), but so far my efforts haven’t yielded any results.

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August 18, 2021 – Photo

I don’t mean to bore you with another photo of clouds, but I couldn’t resist pulling out my camera when I peered outside this evening. The cloud formations have been so beautiful and unusual lately. I wonder if the reason I find them so delightful to gaze upon is because they’re actually visible (and not hidden behind a thick blanket of smoke). You never truly you know what you’ve got until it’s gone, right? Anyway, I took several photos and I’m not even sure what I selected is the best, but I hope you enjoy it regardless.

August 17, 2021 – Small World

Considering all of the ads I’ve posted in recent days, it’s not surprising that I’d run into someone I know. I’ve got ads (on Craigslist, Facebook, and the local paper) for couches and dining sets, inflatable river tubes and party lights, elliptical trainers and workout benches, chairs and end tables, and several items that I have no doubt will sell (that fall under the category of ‘shop stuff’). With the exception of yesterday, the pace of the sales remains at a ‘slow trickle’ but at least stuff is selling. I said my goodbyes to three furniture items yesterday, a mid-century dresser, a curved-glass front curio cabinet, and a chess table. They used to be pristine; however, during our last move, the people who moved us were careless when packing and transporting our goods, leaving everything in rather a sad state. Essentially, everything they touched either ended up with some significant damage or just flat-out disappeared. The mid-century dresser was left with two ‘battle scars’ (two large gouges on the front), the wood on the back of the curio cabinet was smashed in, and one corner of the chess table was also smashed (causing the wood to splinter). For these reasons, I took a hit on all three pieces when I sold them (in light of the damage).

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August 16, 2021 – Photo

These little beauties sprang out of my Hosta plant the other day. I love Hosta plants because they attract the hummingbirds and (most importantly) require minimal care (low maintenance). No matter how much I neglect my garden, I can count on these guys returning each and every year and doing surprisingly well. Actually, I probably shouldn’t call it ‘my garden’ because all I really do is occasionally weed it. My husband does most of the work. And thank goodness he does! It wouldn’t be much to look at if I was solely responsible for tending it.

August 15, 2021 – Wheeling and Dealing

According to people who are aware of recent events in my life (preparing for the ‘big’ move), I should be excited. Why wouldn’t I be? Everything I’ve asked for, I’ve been granted. I wanted to get my house under contract, it happened. I needed the inspection to pass, and it did. The appraisal? I’m not terribly worried about it because the agreed-upon price for the house is less than the county appraised it for, so there shouldn’t be any problems. But as far as the actual move, packing everything I want to take, selling or donating everything I don’t, loading everything into pods or U-Boxes and having it transported across several states, I’m not feeling terribly confident. If you were to Google the term ‘overwhelmed’, it’d probably have my image attached to the description. Without any rhyme or reason, I’ve been going from room-to-room in my house, trying to come up with a plan on the best way to make this actual move happen, and I feel like I’m chasing my tail. The house is in utter chaos, by the way. I’ll start pulling stuff out of a cabinet or a drawer, only to be called away in order to respond to a text or message. And then once I’ve responded to the text or message, I forget to return to ‘the scene of the crime’.

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August 14, 2021 – Photo

These yellow flowers are so lovely to look at! I planted them several years ago, and each year, they take up a little more space in the garden. I have no idea what they’re called but I like to refer to them as ‘paper flowers’ because they look like something delicately crafted out of paper. At night, they close up tight, and when the sun comes out, their petals open up and drink in the vitamin D. Oh, how I will miss our garden! I hope the new owners enjoy it as much as we have.

August 13, 2021 – Spammers, scammers, fakes and flakes.

If you’ve had an opportunity to watch the documentary on Netflix called ‘Misha and the Wolves’, you’ll understand when I say how well it ties into today’s theme. I’m not going to give anything away but I recommend you check it out. It’s very well done. Anyway, I just finished watching it with my husband and it was the perfect film to cap off my day. And before I get too far ahead of myself, I probably should share that we passed the house inspection with flying colors and have been advised by our realtor to ‘start packing’. I am so glad that ordeal is over because it had us both really stressed out; however, I think it was just a ‘sneak preview’ of things to come. For the last two days, I’ve been going from room to room with my camera, notebook, pen, and a measuring tape, and taking photos and writing down descriptions of all of the ‘big ticket’ items I want to sell. Most of the ‘big ticket’ items are quite large in size and cost us a pretty penny when we purchased them, so we’d really like to see them go in order to recoup some of our costs. Bringing them with us is out of the question because they’re just too expensive to ship.

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August 12, 2021 – Photo

Do you ever get the sensation that someone or ‘something’ is watching you? I had that happen today and sure enough, when I glanced over to my right, I noticed a set of eyes taking a keen interest in my activities and whereabouts at the time. Are all dogs this way? Before we replaced our bathroom door, she used to watch me through the 1-inch ‘crack’ at the bottom. It was very unsettling. No matter where I go, my ‘shadow’ follows. Not sure what I’d do without this character in my life. She drives me nuts but she is also incredibly entertaining and brings me a lot of joy. A world without dogs? Not possible.

August 11, 2021 – Ups and Downs

It’s been a difficult day today, I’ve really struggled emotionally. A fair amount of bad news came my way yesterday and it didn’t seem to really sink in until today. After everything my brother and I (and our respective families) went through to ensure my mom was placed in the best possible home, it didn’t seem to make the slightest difference. The happiness she initially experienced was extremely short-lived (less than 24 hours). I also received a call from my nephrologist who had more unpleasant news. Nothing grave, mind you, but not the news I had hoped to hear. In addition to that, my husband and I have been sweating the home inspection because the sale of our house is/was contingent upon it, and the inspection took place yesterday. Even though our realtor told us that we’d have the results back by day’s end, it didn’t happen. We did hear back from another individual regarding our home (and its contents), but it wasn’t our realtor. The lady from the moving company finally got back to me (via email) with an estimate on what it would cost to move our household goods. I nearly choked (and had to do a double take) when I read the amount!

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