February 12, 2021 – All Creatures Great and Small

I think I made a terrible mistake! The last two days have gotten so cold that all of the syrup has frozen solid in the hummingbird feeders that I have dispersed throughout my yard. I keep bringing them inside until the syrup turns from a solid to a liquid but it’s below 20 degrees todayContinue reading “February 12, 2021 – All Creatures Great and Small”

December 12, 2020 – The power of suggestion.

I just have to tell you what a relief it is to move off of the topic of ‘trying to save the world’. Even though I am tempted to resurrect it again another day, it was becoming a heavy burden to bear and I recognized it was time to head over to greener pastures. EveryContinue reading “December 12, 2020 – The power of suggestion.”