May 1, 2021 – The Latest

Alright, Safeway, we need to have a talk. Once again I have fallen for your ruse, hook, line, and sinker. When I heard you brought back the Monopoly Game, my heart nearly skipped a beat. The day the contest kicked off, I made a beeline for the nearest store with the hope that ‘maybe thisContinue reading “May 1, 2021 – The Latest”

December 10, 2020 – Trying to save the world (PART FOUR)

Welcome back! Good to see you again! Hey, there’s something I have to share real quick before I get today’s blog underway. This afternoon, when I was eating my lunch while seated at the kitchen table, I looked out the glass slider that leads to our backyard and guess what I saw clinging to theContinue reading “December 10, 2020 – Trying to save the world (PART FOUR)”