June 7, 2021 – Photo

I really love this photo, especially the way the light illuminates the white edges of the butterfly’s wings. By the way, this is the last butterfly image I’m going to post (this week). I was going to say ‘ever’ (because I sense you must be getting tired of them by now) but I know thatContinue reading “June 7, 2021 – Photo”

June 1, 2021 – Photo

I love the contrast of the butterfly against the stone. I mean this not only in the sense of the composition, but in the sense of the fragility of the butterfly and its short lifespan compared to the stone. According to an article on the internet, “In some cultures, a brown or tan colored butterfly symbolizes a new lifeContinue reading “June 1, 2021 – Photo”

May 26, 2021 – Photo

Despite another bout of insomnia, I managed to drag my old bones out of bed and make good on my promise to visit my true-blue friend today. After I arrived, we had a delightful lunch, and once lunch was over, we stepped outside to view her property (and beyond). As we walked around, while sheContinue reading “May 26, 2021 – Photo”