September 20, 2021 – When the stars align.

I had every intention of writing about ‘anticipation’ tonight, but things didn’t turn out as planned. With little hope, we submitted our offer (for the house I fell in love with) to the seller this afternoon. I also included a ‘love letter’ (a letter letting the seller know how much we love the house). OurContinue reading “September 20, 2021 – When the stars align.”

November 26, 2020 – Not such a ‘dead end’ after all (PART ONE).

We live on a ‘dead end’. It sounds like such a morbid term but all it really means is that there is no way out. Hang on. I don’t think that description was very helpful at all. That still leaves a lot to the imagination. I probably should clarify that we live on a ‘deadContinue reading “November 26, 2020 – Not such a ‘dead end’ after all (PART ONE).”