July 31, 2021 – Photo

While out on an excursion, I captured the image of this solitary sailboat out on the water. It was a picture perfect day, serene and peaceful. Things weren’t so serene or peaceful on the boat I was on as I ‘fed the fish’ after consuming a rather large lunch and becoming seasick. As much asContinue reading “July 31, 2021 – Photo”

July 7, 2021 – Photo

I decided to share another photo from ‘the vault’ because even though I need to take some new pictures, it’s much too hot outside! I know I can take photos inside but I cannot think of anything inside that interests me enough to unearth my camera at the moment. I took this photo several yearsContinue reading “July 7, 2021 – Photo”

June 15, 2021 – Photo

During my recent trip to visit family and friends, I got an opportunity to visit the Botanic Gardens. In one of the exhibits, there was a really beautiful (massive) glass sculpture. The sculpture was designed and created by the world-renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly, along with several members of ‘his team’. It has been onContinue reading “June 15, 2021 – Photo”

April 28, 2021 – Photo

I call this photo ‘Whatever It Takes’. While visiting Victoria BC nearly 16 years ago, I noticed this unusual ‘statue’ with a collection box for donations. Honestly, I had to do a double-take! This lady really went all out to appear like a statue cast in silver. It’s amazing to me what people will doContinue reading “April 28, 2021 – Photo”

April 22, 2021 – Photo

It sold….yippee!!!! What a glorious day it has been! The sale of the boat couldn’t have gone any smoother and we got exactly what we wanted. My husband has mixed feelings about the whole thing but I’m so happy it’s gone. The guy that bought it is an avid fisherman and is so pleased! It’sContinue reading “April 22, 2021 – Photo”

April 20, 2021 – Photo

I took this photo while spending an afternoon at the beach in Italy (if I remember correctly). The gal walking in the sand is one of several vendors that passed by numerous times. It seemed like someone would appear about every 15-30 minutes in an attempt to sell their wares. I don’t think they wereContinue reading “April 20, 2021 – Photo”