August 16, 2021 – Photo

These little beauties sprang out of my Hosta plant the other day. I love Hosta plants because they attract the hummingbirds and (most importantly) require minimal care (low maintenance). No matter how much I neglect my garden, I can count on these guys returning each and every year and doing surprisingly well. Actually, I probablyContinue reading “August 16, 2021 – Photo”

August 14, 2021 – Photo

These yellow flowers are so lovely to look at! I planted them several years ago, and each year, they take up a little more space in the garden. I have no idea what they’re called but I like to refer to them as ‘paper flowers’ because they look like something delicately crafted out of paper.Continue reading “August 14, 2021 – Photo”

August 12, 2021 – Photo

Do you ever get the sensation that someone or ‘something’ is watching you? I had that happen today and sure enough, when I glanced over to my right, I noticed a set of eyes taking a keen interest in my activities and whereabouts at the time. Are all dogs this way? Before we replaced ourContinue reading “August 12, 2021 – Photo”

August 10, 2021 – Photo

I call this photo ‘As the Crow Flies’. When I was attempting to take photos of the sunset, I heard a crow cawing loudly. When I took a look around, I noticed one approaching from the west, its wings outstretched in flight. I only managed to capture three images, and of those three, this wasContinue reading “August 10, 2021 – Photo”

August 6, 2021 – Photo

Have you ever heard of the term ‘Waking up on the wrong side of the bed’? That was me this morning. After I finished my post (last night/this morning), I crawled into bed. I believe it was around 2:30am. Shortly after 6am, I was awakened with a start to the sound of dueling chainsaws. WithinContinue reading “August 6, 2021 – Photo”

July 29, 2021 – Photo

This is my second favorite photo from the recent getaway I took. It reminds me a great deal of my childhood. I spent many afternoons combing the beach, looking for colored glass or interesting rocks. I don’t recall spending a lot of time in the water because it was far too cold, but I enjoyedContinue reading “July 29, 2021 – Photo”

July 25, 2021 – Photo

I call this photo ‘Nature’s Candy’. When we first moved into our home, a friend of the family gave us some starter thornless blackberry bushes. Once we planted them, they flourished, so much so that they’ve practically taken over the garden. My husband trimmed them way back in the spring but that didn’t seem toContinue reading “July 25, 2021 – Photo”