June 19, 2021 – Photo

How I’m going to miss all of the birds that regularly visit our backyard! The other day, there were so many, it was like being at a bird sanctuary. Between the flickers and sparrows, the doves and pigeons, the quail and robins, the starlings and nuthatches, and the hummingbirds, it was quite the sight toContinue reading “June 19, 2021 – Photo”

June 17, 2021 – Photo

My friends, how I am going to miss my garden! We filled it with easy-to-maintain perennials and it’s a joy each year to watch as each one grows and blooms. The plant (pictured) was already in our garden when we purchased our home several years ago. It is actually called ‘Elephant Garlic’, believe it orContinue reading “June 17, 2021 – Photo”

June 13, 2021 – Photo

As I was eating dinner the other day, I looked out towards the backyard and spotted the most beautiful blooms on our Elephant Garlic plants. I grabbed my camera, went outside, took several photos, and then continued to meander through the yard. When I reached the shed, I noticed all of the delicious berries onContinue reading “June 13, 2021 – Photo”

June 9, 2021 – Photo

While strolling through the Botanic Gardens during our recent trip, I noticed between 5-6 ducklings swimming in a shallow pool/water feature. In this particular shot, I was able to capture two of them at once. The ‘feel’ of this image is very serene to me. I love so much about it, especially the reflection ofContinue reading “June 9, 2021 – Photo”

June 7, 2021 – Photo

I really love this photo, especially the way the light illuminates the white edges of the butterfly’s wings. By the way, this is the last butterfly image I’m going to post (this week). I was going to say ‘ever’ (because I sense you must be getting tired of them by now) but I know thatContinue reading “June 7, 2021 – Photo”

June 5, 2021 – Photo

When I went to visit my girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, while walking along a trail nearby, we came across this lovely patch of purple irises. The color is so vibrant, it’s difficult not to stop and take notice. Named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, irises bring color to the garden in spring andContinue reading “June 5, 2021 – Photo”

June 1, 2021 – Photo

I love the contrast of the butterfly against the stone. I mean this not only in the sense of the composition, but in the sense of the fragility of the butterfly and its short lifespan compared to the stone. According to an article on the internet, “In some cultures, a brown or tan colored butterfly symbolizes a new lifeContinue reading “June 1, 2021 – Photo”