December 29, 2020 – Facing the Facts

I was going to write about something funny today but I’m not feeling terribly humorous at the moment. I finally took care of something that I’ve been avoiding for a while now, and now the finality of it all is really beginning to sink in. I went to my former workplace and I retrieved myContinue reading “December 29, 2020 – Facing the Facts”

December 17, 2020 – Why don’t they like me?

When I awoke this morning, I immediately started to think about one of my neighbors. Instead of how I wanted to spend my day or what to cook for breakfast or if I needed to run to the store for last minute Christmas shopping, my thoughts immediately honed in on the crusty guy who lives on the adjoining property. Think that’s a bit strange? I do, too. Why would I think about that guy? He’s really the last person on earth that I’d like to spend any time thinking about. Who is he, anyway? He’s a guy that shares a fence with us. What’s his name? No idea. Why am I wasting precious brain cells thinking about him first thing in the morning? He doesn’t like me. How do I know this? Every single time I walk my dog past his home and he’s standing outside, he stares at me and scowls. That’s his response if I walk by and wave or walk by and say ‘hello’ or walk by and smile. He looks at me with utter disgust. I just don’t understand it. What did I do? I must have done something to elicit that kind of response. People you don’t even know cannot simply dislike you for no reason whatsoever, can they?

November 14, 2020 – Over the river and through the woods…

The title for today’s blog is from a famous nursery rhyme. And if you’re familiar with it, you’ll probably know the words that follow, ‘to Grandmother’s house we go’. The idea of grandparents is one that many equate with unconditional love, warm and welcoming embraces, homemade cookies and bedtime stories. I equate mine with rejection.Continue reading “November 14, 2020 – Over the river and through the woods…”

November 8, 2020 – Doomed from the start.

When I was growing up, there was one thing we weren’t allowed to say. It’s not a ‘swear word’, but it packs a pretty powerful punch. In my house, it was the equivalent of getting slapped across the face, punched in the gut and kneed in the groin (at the same time). “Shut up.” Ack!Continue reading “November 8, 2020 – Doomed from the start.”