February 22, 2021 – Budget Travel Tips

When I was a child, whenever my mom brought me along on a trip, we always stayed in the cheapest hotel or motel available. More often than not, that meant a Motel 6. If you want bare bones accommodations and possibly bed bugs, feel free to make a reservation at one of their 1400+ locationsContinue reading “February 22, 2021 – Budget Travel Tips”

December 5, 2020 – The advantages to growing up ‘poor’.

I’ve talked a bit about growing up ‘poor’ and how that experience left me with a certain ‘mindset’. I have a hard time trusting ‘good fortune’ when it knocks at my door because it seems to have such a short lifespan. And growing up ‘poor’ has also made me think a great deal about theContinue reading “December 5, 2020 – The advantages to growing up ‘poor’.”