February 4, 2021 – Finding Your Tribe

People weren’t designed to be isolated. We need other people, now more than ever. Without others, it’s easy to withdraw into ourselves and close ourselves off from the world. We need others for support and assurance but also to keep us ‘in check’. If we don’t have a person (or people) to do that, it’sContinue reading “February 4, 2021 – Finding Your Tribe”

October 24, 2020 – Hey, Ma! Where’d you go?

It’s such an odd thing when you’re speaking with your mother, when out of the blue she asks, “How’s your mom and dad?” Huh? Did I miss something? “Ummm. They’re doing well, I guess?” you respond. Have you had this experience before? It is a mind-blower. One day your parent is totally coherent and capable,Continue reading “October 24, 2020 – Hey, Ma! Where’d you go?”