July 5, 2021 – Photo

For the first time ever, I tried to take a semi-professional shot of the Fourth of July fireworks show and it appears I failed miserably. On top of not bringing a tripod or the correct lens, I was clueless on which settings on my camera to use. After a quick tutorial in my car (while waiting for the show to start), I figured out that I needed to set my camera to ‘M’, ISO 200, f/11. I couldn’t tell you what any of it means other than ‘M’ stands for ‘Manual’. I probably should get out the actual manual and read it in order to figure out how to properly operate my Nikon. If I did know how to operate my camera the correct way, I would have been able to show you the beautiful buck (male deer) that was standing mere feet away while I was waiting for the fireworks show to start.


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