October 2, 2020 – Craigslist or Bust

Need a job, or looking for rental property, or maybe you want to purchase or sell a car? One word, Craigslist. It’s also a great site to check out if you need a laugh. I have come across so many unusual things that have completely baffled my mind, I cannot even begin to tell you! Today, while I was in the kitchen, my husband called out to me (from the office). “You need to look at the computer”, he said. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Just look!” he insisted. Folks, I think I have really, truly seen it all. Some gentleman has put under the ‘free’ column, that he has leftover bones from chicken dinner. Not even kidding. “I don’t like waisting stuff maybe you can use them to make arts and crafts with loved ones or can make a cool necklace or something ..idk.”

Before I get started, I just have to say, there comes a time when things need to get THROWN IN THE GARBAGE. I know that oftentimes, people don’t want to pay dump fees and that’s the whole purpose of posting their ‘goods’. I have seen enough soiled mattresses and faux leather couches (that look like the majority of the material has been shredded by a dozen very angry, feral cats) to determine this is a fair assessment. Chicken bones???? Come on!!! I really hope I never meet this person. I am all but certain that I will be disappointed and likely frightened. Speaking of frightened, what’s up with putting things worth a buck or two on Craigslist? Don’t do it! Is it really worth having a stranger come to your house or meeting you somewhere so you can sell a pair of socks FOR ONE DOLLAR?

There comes a time when you really have to determine whether inviting a stranger over for some meager item JUST ISN’T WORTH IT! Donate it to a thrift store. It is simple and it is helpful and someone’s going to love your stuff. I guarantee it! Grab a box and put it somewhere out of the way but accessible. Have a bunch of pen refills but none of the original pens? Put it in the box. Your closet is bursting with things that you no longer wear? You have my permission to pull that old ‘Members Only’ jacket off the hanger and those two pairs of shoes with scuffs (off the shoe rack) that don’t suit you any longer and put them into the box. Before you know it, the box will be full. At that point, take the opportunity to take it to your nearest thrift store. There are also shelters and churches and all kinds of places that would love your used goods.

Why did I mention pen refills? Because someone currently has them posted on Craigslist, alongside the post from the ‘Chicken Bones Guy’. Huh? Maybe the ‘Chicken Bones Guy’ posted the pen refills, too? Sigh. I really have seen it all and I should add that although I did get my current job in a roundabout way through Craigslist, I also nearly walked into something (just prior to that) that I wriggled out of quite quickly. My background has mostly been in the ‘administrative assistant’ field. A few years back, I wasn’t having any luck finding work so I thought I’d go ahead and put my credentials out there and see what happened. Aside from a couple of spammers, I heard from one ‘legitimate’ person. I am using the word ‘legitimate’ loosely.

This particular individual indicated that they had an unusual profession but it looked as though I had all of the qualifications for what they needed. “What do you need?” I asked innocently. “Someone to build a website and schedule my appointments”, they replied. “I’m your girl!” I responded enthusiastically. Well, not so fast. I still didn’t know what my potential future employer actually did for a living. They did warn me that it was a bit unusual but I thought it couldn’t be that bad. Are you ready for it? Turns out this person was an escort and needed me to set up her website and schedule her ‘appointments’, which were actually ‘dates’…and we all know what that means. I’m sorry, I’m not going to be anyone’s pimp or madam. I’ve done a lot of things in my day to earn money, but that’s not a line I’m willing to cross. Geesh!

Let’s just say that once I picked myself up off the floor, I let them know that I wasn’t interested. I wonder if she’s affiliated with the lady that advertised her sex toys for sale (that were used but clean) because she didn’t have a boyfriend anymore? I did have to flag that post. It came with some pretty graphic photos and aside from the yuck-factor, there are just some things you just don’t ‘resell’. I don’t care how much you’ve wiped them down with alcohol or hand sanitizer. Gross! I have so many more stories about Craigslist but I need to go to bed. With Halloween just around the corner, maybe one of these days in the near future, I’ll share the tale of the ‘free haunted air conditioning unit’ with you. It’s a dandy!


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