August 28, 2021 – Photo

Since life has been rather chaotic lately and I haven’t had much time to snap photos, I pulled another one out of ‘the vault’. I felt it appropriate because we’ve been blowing through our money like nobody’s business. The ‘dollar’ amount in the photo only represents seven measly cents and I can assure you that we’ve spent a good deal more on our upcoming move. On top of that, we’ve been giving things away left and right because we don’t have time to post every single thing on FB Marketplace or Craigslist (or in the local paper). Each time I give something away, I think about how much I could have sold it for had I had more time, however, knowing we’re down to a week (before our crates get picked up), I’ve learned to push past that thought process but it hasn’t been easy! No, Sir, it has not!


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